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Writers Who Read

Posted by Kathryn Long on February 17, 2016 at 11:00 PM

You're a writer, you read. Why? Many reasons. 1) Reading enriches your creative mind; 2) Reading allows you (whether you like this or not) to compare styles, even to your own; 3) Reading is an ACTIVE process, engaging all your five senses (think about it, my reasoning will come to you and make sense); Reading gives you lots of conversational material when talking to fellow readers, i.e. enriching that mind, again!; and 4) Reading is much safer than many other hobbies like snow skiing, playing b ball; sky diving, etc, (this coming from a not-so-coordinated person).

Reading? Yes. Every day, each day, more and more. You want to improve and sharpen your creative mind, your intellect? READ! :)

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