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Posted by Kathryn Long on May 23, 2013 at 10:10 AM

I started thinking about random things, details about what I expect to happen or at least anticipate when I start holding author events. I know it can be chalked up to a case of prestage jitters, and I've done events before, but I can't stop it from happening.

For instance, what if someone asks me a question I can't answer? I remember one event where a guest asked me how many characters appeared in my book. Oh boy, there was no way I could answer without going back and checking my book notes. Of course, she then commented that she asked authors that question at every book event she'd been to, and no one had been able to answer it yet! At least I have a lot of company.

Another situation I seem to worry about is what if someone from Louisiana (the setting for Dying to Dream) attends ? Again, I've had that experience. When I held an event for my first mystery, Oklahoma's Gold, a man from Chicashaw, Oklahoma attended. When he came up to me after my discussion and told me, I grew nervous, thinking he would call me on some event or detail that he found incorrect, even though I had done a thorough research of all things Chicashaw and Lawton. Fortunately, he was very gracious and didn't say a negative or critical word!

And finally, the ultimate worry ... NO ONE showing up to my event! And yes, I'm sad to say that I did have one event -- a very snowy winter evening -- when only two people came! That was very ego-deflating, to say the least.

But I will trudge along, despite my worries and concerns. I've been a busy bee and already have five book events scheduled at libraries and one bookstore ... so keep on reading and stop by to visit on one of those evenings or afternoons. I'd love to see you!

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